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You are reaching this page because you have tried to access one of the State of Michigan sites that is no longer available.

The Michigan Liquor Ordering system is transitioning to a new system. Therefore, all users please bookmark the new page Click here for the new liquor ordering page.


Registration emails were sent to all licensees beginning Jan 20, 2021 for the New MILO system. Licensees who have not registered, should access and register for the new MILO by following the directions in their registration email.

Beginning Feb 2, 2021, all licensees will be required to place online liquor orders using the new MILO system.

To update or add an email address for Online Liquor Ordering (OLO), click Update/Add Email Address.

To submit a Price Reduction request(SDD & SDDRes licensees), click Price Reduction Request.

Michigan Liquor Control Commission

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(800) 701-0513
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ADA Contact Information
ADA #221 Great Lakes Wine & Spirits (888) 860-3805
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ADA #141 Imperial Beverage (269) 382-4200